About Bipedal Tetrapod

My background is in evolutionary biology – specifically paleontology, but also evo devo, ecology,  functional morphology, and physiology.  For the most of the last two decades I have been a teacher (in one form or another) of zoology, evolutionary biology, physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, physics and computer science at both undergraduate and high school levels. My scientific interests span the alphabet from Astronomy to Zymurgy. I am passionate about science in all its forms, because it clarifies the nature and workings of the world and universe in which we live.

I am saddened when I see people choosing to be willfully ignorant of their world, and angered to see people forcefully imposing their ignorance on others. Reality is not a matter of popular vote, or of personal choice. Reality just is, and the only way to understand it is through evidence and the scientific process. Faulty reasoning and fairy tales are no basis for an understanding of the universe. I started this site because I feel that I have a moral obligation to help support reason and rationality in the face of an onslaught of ignorance.

Bipedal Tetrapod


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