Something from Nothing

This story from New Scientist  illustrates the power behind the complexity of living things. It was once thought that all new genes had to come from modifications of existing genes. This is of course great fodder for creationists, who then ask “where did the first genes come from?” A few years ago, de novo genes – genes that arose from scratch from previously non-coding DNA – were found in fruit flies. It now turns out that humans, too, carry de novo genes. Three genes carried by humans, but no other primates, appear to be the result of mutations in nonsense, or non-coding sequences of DNA. The fact that these genes are active in all sequenced human genomes implies that they do perform a beneficial function, though what that is, is as yet unknown.

2 Responses to Something from Nothing

  1. SilentBob says:

    Ello…I just want to say that you’re an idiot for arguing with that dude Troy on the Darwin website. Nothing you said was supported by any fact whatsoever.

    You got owned. Lol!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. That is the first step toward actual understanding. The evidence is in favour of evolution (read some of the other posts here), and everything I said that was fact-based was, in fact, based on evidence. And though Troy prattled on at length, he also admitted that he accepted evolution and natural selection, he just didn’t get how two of specific mechanisms in isolation could bring it about.
    Owned? I don’t think so.

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