Discovery Institute out of the closet

For much of it’s history, the discovery institute has been pushing for the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools, claiming that the reason is scientific and not religious. Evidence, such as the Wedge Document, has been dismissed by the DI as a smear campaign and an urban legend.

The Discovery Institute has maintained all along that their focus on Intelligent Design is a viable, scientific alternative to “Darwinism”, and is not based on a religious viewpoint. The DI has a branch called the Center for Science and Culture, which in turn has a division called Faith + Evolution. This site comes right out and explains that the reason for ID research is that evolution and faith are incompatible, and of course faith is correct, and thus evolution is not. In other words, the Discovery institute, in a round about sort of way, is coming out and finally admitting that their science-bashing is religiously motivated.

Ironically, it seems that their incentive for this claim of incompatibility is a response to BioLogos, a Christian website promoting evolution (it is not the only one, by the way. There is also the ASA). So now we have the Christian motivation of the DI out in the open, in an effort to put down another Christian organization, presumably for not being “christian enough” to ignore the evidence for evolution.

Go figure.

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