Evolution, conspiracy theories and woo

I was chasing down some woo today, and found myself spiralling down an ever deeper well of stoopididity. You see, there are people who don’t understand evolution, and there are people who feel that evolution challenges their faith. But then there are people who genuinely believe that evolution is a conspiracy.

And I mean full on, insidious, malevolent, attempt-to-overthrow-existing-power-structures-and-attain-world-domination conspiracy.  

It really frightens me that people can so completely miss the target. And really, there is no point in arguing with these raving nutters because they won’t listen to a single word of reason.

On second thought, maybe there is a point. Not because I have a hope of getting through to them, but because I may prevent some innocent bystander from falling prey to their lunacy.

And that would be worthwhile.

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